About Us



Arogyam is having its vision to improve people’s life through holistic approach of Ayurveda.

We aim to integrate & balance the body, mind & soul which are believed to help prevent illness & promote wellness.

Arogya in ayurveda is “Health” i.e. a basic requisite for attaining four “purushartha”(goals)-

To earn livelihood(Artha) for himself & also fulfill his desires(karma) while following the virtuous path i.e. Dharma & to attain the ultimate goal of human life that is Moksha or liberation.

.Our main mission is to help healthy people maintain & promote their health i.e. “Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam” & to manage & cure the imbalances & disorders following the basic principle of ayurveda i.e. “Aturasya vikar prashamanam cha”.

We at Arogyam follows the holistic approach of ayurveda, towards life which takes in to account person’s social, psychological & spiritual layers of existence i.e. We follow the “science of life” & not just a way of drug therapy.

Modern lifestyle is owing to philosphy of reductionism, age of anxiety & consumerism. Therfore we at Arogyam are pledged to Ayurvedic lifestyle, principles & practices, that take the person back towards holism, balance & harmony, thereby helping modern man in preventing & curing all diseases & hence promoting a healthy mind in a healthy body concept.