Panchakarma – the Ultimate Detoxification Therapy

Carry your body, mind and spirit to superior level…

Duration : 14-28 days
If you often feel tired, exhausted, fatigued, stressed or suffer from aches and pains or other chronic ailments, we have the ultimate solution. If you seek a deep level of luxurious pampering, relaxation and revitalization to carry your body, mind and spirit to another plane then Panchakarma is for you!

With much love and care Ayurveda Kendra designed this therapy package to eliminate the internal causes of diseases and release the burden on your whole being. Large quantities of toxic bi-products are formed in the body as a result of numerous factors, including the body’s continuous metabolic processes, wrong body habits, wrong food habits, incompatible combination of food items, suppression of body urges, emotional imbalances, etc..

If your elimination system is functioning well most of these toxins are eliminated naturally. However, if it’s mal-functioning damaging toxins are deposited in various parts of the body. This toxic load results in the impairment of the Doshas, Dhatus (tissues), etc.. Consequently, normal functioning of the body systems are also impaired and we feel the many symptoms of toxicity and general ill health.

Your detoxification journey will begin with a thorough consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors who will tailor the package to your body condition and nature.

This very effective package has three phases :

1. Purvakarmas (Pre-treatment)
2. Panchakarma (the original fivefold Ayurvedic detoxification procedures)
3. Paschatkarma (Post-treatment)

1. Purvakarma comprises two types of preparatory treatments: Snehana (internal and external oleation with natural herbal oils) and Swedana (sudation or steam therapy). During these treatments we will gradually encourage your excess Doshas to move from your limbs to the digestive tract, their proper site, from which they can be eliminated in Phase 2 – Panchakarma.

The full list of Purvakarma treatments available is:

  • Abhyangam
  • Pizhichil
  • Elakizhi
  • Podikizhi
  • Shirodhara
  • Thakradhara
  • Ksheeradhara
  • Avagaham
  • Nethradhara
  • Nethra Tarpanam
  • Swedanam
  • Steam Bath

2. Panchakarma 
This is the main phase of our ultimate detox therapy. The five Panchakarma treatments deeply purify the body and restore it to perfect harmony, as Nature intended.

The five Panchakarma treatments are :

1.Vamana (Emesis treatment)
Natural Ayurveda herbal medicines are given to you orally to induce vomiting. This totally, and in many cases permanently, eliminates the vitiated kapha dosha from its roots – the stomach

2. Virechana (Purgation treatment)
Here the small intestines and Pitta related organs (liver & gall bladder) are cleansed with help of a natural herb induced purging process. Virechana is effective in balancing your metabolic functions and ridding you of bile related problems such as rashes, skin inflammation, acne, chronic attacks of fever, biliary vomiting, and nausea.

3. Nasyam (Nasal treatment) Herbal medicines in oil or powder form are carefully administered through the nostrils to nourish and cleanse the bronchus.

4. Vasti (Enema treatment) Herbal medicines in the form of a decoction or oil are administered through the anus to induce purging of toxins from the body via the large intestine or colon.

5. Rakthamoksham (Blood-letting treatment) Impure blood is drained out of the body through various ways such as needle-pricking, venesection, leeching, etc. If you are feeling slightly alarmed by the thought of this treatment, please be assured that it is a safe, painless and effective and performed by experts.


3. Paschatkarma 
The Paschatkarma is a post therapy treatment in which your body is encouraged to remain in a state of detoxification. This achieved by you following a list of dos and don’ts (Pathya-Apathya) as advised, according to your Dosha and nature, by our doctors. The list will include diet and lifestyle recommendations which you will need to follow to fully benefit from the detoxification therapy.

Please contact us to discover how we can help to clear toxins from your body and to carry your mind and spirit to superior level